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                 ROK Magazine is the flagship publication for Berkey Publishing and is placed in areas that are regularly frequented. Each copy is put in the hands of readers, not just mass produced leaving lots of extra copies. So every issue gets maximum exposure, we frequently check all placement locations to ensure the issues are available for reading. 

                 Since our ads are in the publications, we feel it necessary to make as many copies available without just printing and sitting on unused copies.

                 Since ROK is locally produced, we can increase production as the need arises. We use local venders when feasible, local photographers, and local writers along with nationally published works. ROK features some of the best talent in the area and promotes events both public (Schools and City) and private (Clubs and Charities).

                 Our articles cover several areas of interest and a wide variety of age groups. ROK reaches out to different cultures while maintaining a local feel as a unique community.

Why ROK Magazine

Restaurant Menu Placemats & To Go Menus

                                  It seems everyone is providing placemats for advertising in restaurants. So what makes Berkey Publishing different? First, Berkey Publishing gives incentives to all our restaurants to promote your business, not just put the placemats down and walk away. Next, all restaurants receive multiple alternating versions of the placemats. In addition, your ad will stand out on a full 11x17 placemat in 16 millions colors using CYMK, not just RGB, or just 1 or 2 colors on 8.5x14. Our placemats are designed to give your ad maximum exposure even when a place setting is placed on it. This ensures your ad is seen through the entire meal not just when ordering. We limit the number of ads on our placemats and strategically place the menu and reading material in a manner that encourages focus on your ads. All this at a cost that is more affordable for our advertisers.

If you own a restaurant please ask about our incentive program?

                 Scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2013, we will be launching a unique news publication in Oakdale called The Oakdale Weekly Bulletin. You may be wondering if it will be just like any other newspaper, well it’s not. We will be delivering a more cost effective form of LOCAL news print along with easy to follow articles and limited advertising. It will cover LOCAL topics and will be printed right here in Oakdale. The Oakdale Weekly Bulletin is not meant to replace any other current publication or to go head to head with the out of town prints. It’s for the people of Oakdale by the people of Oakdale. It will include a small classified section and have local sport scores. In addition it will feature highlights of what is important to OUR community. Oh, and a hint, it will have a great historical feel with a twist of modern innovation

                 One way Berkey Publishing helps the communities it serves is by satisfying our deep desire to help fund its non-profits. If you are a member of a non-profit, and would like part of your advertising dollars to benefit it, we will place a small logo at the bottom of your ad in recognition of your support. At the end of the publication run, we will tally up all the ads that supported that club or group and make a donation. For example, if you are a member of a service club and have us put a small logo at the bottom of your ad and other members of that same club have the logo placed at the bottom of their ad, we will make a donation to that club from all the ads. If 3 or more members advertise in the same issue of ROK Magazine, we will place a special article about the service club in that issue at no cost to the club. Of course you will have to get permission from the club or group along with an approved logo.

Here is a little bit about Berkey Publishing and its fundraising opportunities.

Fundraising Calendars and Posters

                 A big difference in an old reliable way to advertise. Our door hangers are put directly in the hands of your potential customers. A small percentage is sent by direct mail to some rural areas. If you are looking for an even more personal touch, we can arrange for your ad to be delivered to specific neighborhoods. If you would like to have a door hanger campaign where you are the sole advertiser, we have very competitive rates. From black on color paper to full 16 million colors.  All our door hanger campaigns are also placed on the web and have community service announcements on the front. We use several different formats to keep our door hangers looking fresh. We cover Riverbank, Oakdale, and some surrounding cities. From design & printing to delivery we have you covered.

Door Hangers/Direct to Door Advertising

                 Both Oakdale Sports! and Riverbank Sports! Magazines have 3 big things in common…Sports!, Sports!, & Sports!. Everyone knows that these 2 great communities love their school sports as well as their club sports. So we thought why not give them what they want, a magazine dedicated to all kinds guessed it, Sports! Inside you will find as many scheduled events as we can stuff in it, team stats, personal bests for outstanding players, as well as HIGH 5’s to those with team spirit and great sportsmanship. Both Magazines will have both youth and adult sports. If it’s a local sport we will do our best to include it.  Some of the sports we will feature are:

A little something for everyone

Football, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Tennis, Golf

Track, Gymnastics, Swimming, Water Polo, Racing,

Rodeo, and More SPORTS!…..

Oakdale Sports! & Riverbank Sports!

Coming Soon!

                 The Berkey Publishing Cares Card helps bring awareness to pet adoption, while the Meals, Steals & Deals card helps bring awareness to families in need. Both cards have only local businesses getting 6 months worth of advertising for 1 low affordable price. Unlike other discount cards that are distributed only to stores, we do this, plus, we deliver them directly to residential and business addresses as well. We print and distribute 10,000 cards in the Oakdale, Riverbank, or other city areas that would like them.

Berkey Publishing’s Cares Card and

The Meals, Steals, & Deals Card

Not just print advertising

                 Along with the above printed material, all our advertisers are placed on the web and in electronic versions of most of our magazines and news publications. We utilize Facebook and electronic media to promote your company as well. So essentially you will receive twice the advertising then you would with traditional printing. We, at Berkey Publishing, want your business to flourish for many years, so we make every effort to maximize your advertising dollars by giving you more visibility at affordable prices.

Yearbook Sponsorship

                 Berkey Publishing is dedicated to providing yearbooks to schools at no cost to the students. This is a great opportunity for a small or large company to have a lifetime sponsorship. Yearbooks are kept for decades by students and their families, friends and someday their kids. Sponsorship ads are placed on the back page only, so space is limited (and affordable) to 8-10 sponsors. These are printed only once per year but the return is immeasurable. This is by far the best bang for your buck. We can also help you raise funds as well for sports, FFA, 4H, music, sports boosters, etc by printing your programs. Just give us a call.

        Berkey Publishing is a local family owned company. Most all designing, printing, publishing, and distribution are done from right here in the Oakdale & Riverbank area.

           We are committed to helping your business grow and our community prosper. It all starts with you advertising locally. By using Berkey Publishing, you are giving back to the community in your own backyard.

           As you will see, through this page, there are several different types of publications, ranging from print to internet. By eliminating the need to go to several different publishing companies, recreating ads all over again, Berkey Publishing has become a “One Stop Shop” for most all your publishing needs. As your needs change, we adapt, as the industry changes, we adapt. Besides the publications you see on this web page, we can design and publish a wide variety of print and electronic media.

           Most of our publications have been designed to promote the community as a whole. Built into our pricing structure includes the ability to attach local charities for participating businesses with a commitment to giving back to our community.

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